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Cosmetic Dentistry in Media, PA

Image of happy family smiling over white backgroundAt Wallingford Station Family Dental, we believe that a healthy, stunning smile can enhance your self-esteem and improve your overall well-being. Since our practice was founded in 1948, we have been providing cosmetic dentistry in Media, PA for three generations and creating beautiful, healthy smiles.

Whether you need teeth whitening or a full smile restoration, we customize our cosmetic dentistry services to meet your unique needs. Contact our friendly team and schedule your personalized consultation today!


Porcelain Veneers for A Shining Smile

Image of woman smiling outdoorsVeneers are thin coverings designed to alter the shape, color, or size of your teeth. They are affixed over healthy teeth and serve as a cosmetic solution to give you the smile of your dreams. We provide you with top-quality porcelain veneers that look natural. Our process is fast and efficient. We work with a local lab that can deliver your veneers in two weeks. Not only is porcelain beautiful, it is also strong, durable, and stain-resistant.

How Veneers Can Help Make Your Smile Appealing

Veneers not only treat aesthetic issues but also can help with some functional issues. With veneers, we can address the following cases:

  • Unwanted gaps
  • Chips, and cracks
  • Weakened and worn out teeth
  • Mild alignment issues
  • Sensitive enamel
  • Deep discoloration
  • Uneven, or irregularly shaped teeth

Composite Dental Bonding

If a small portion of your tooth is chipped or broken, we can fix it on the same day using dental bonding. We use tooth-colored dental resin to correct minor defects. Similar to veneers, bonding blend in and won’t stand out in your smile.

How Do I Decide if I Need Veneers or Bonding?

If you have issues with your teeth, come for a consultation, and our team will examine your smile and discuss all your options. We are famous for our honesty and conservative approach. We will only make recommendations based on what is necessary and your preferences.

Invisalign® Discreet Aligners

Image of close up of invisalign clear bracesInvisalign are discreet aligners and a popular alternative to traditional braces. This system consists of a series of trays made of clear plastic. Each tray is customized to fit your smile precisely and works to straighten your teeth by applying light pressure. Invisalign is used to address mild to moderate misalignment issues. It can also be used to treat overcrowding and bite problems.

Invisible orthodontic trays are very convenient since you can remove them to eat and maintain your oral hygiene. However, to for best results you need to commit to wearing these braces 22 hours a day.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Close up image of healthy smileWhitening your teeth professionally provides you with a method that is safe and delivers quality results. We are happy to help you brighten your smile using powerful solutions that eliminate staining pigments from your enamel. The process is safely supervised by our dentists, so you get your desired results.

Perfecta® Take-Home Whitening Kits

This method requires two office visits. During the first visit we will take your digital impressions to create custom trays that fit your smile perfectly. After they are made you will come in for a second appointment to try on your trays and receive further instruction. For a safe treatment, follow these instructions when applying the whitening gel to your tray. The trays can be removed for eating and drinking, and we recommend you floss and brush before putting them back on.

Dental Fillings & Crowns

Our practice offers fillings and crowns to restore a decayed or damaged tooth and further protect it from infection. These restorations resemble the natural shape and color of your teeth, blending seamlessly in your smile. With crowns, our dentist can correct a single tooth, create a dental bridge, or protect a tooth after root canal therapy.

Dental Implant Restorations

If you have missing teeth, your appearance and self-confidence may both be negatively affected. We offer quality implant restorations to replace missing teeth and help you enhance your smile. Dental implants are a versatile solution that replaces a tooth from roots to crown. They are durable, and once placed, they become yours permanently. They resemble the rest of your teeth in shape and color and will last for many years with proper care.

Crafting Stunning Smiles for Our Media, PA, Community!

Wallingford Station Family Dental strives to improve your smile with life-changing cosmetic procedures. We enjoy helping you accomplish optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. If you reside near Media, PA, or the surrounding communities, contact us and schedule an appointment today!


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